FlyThisSim - FAA LOA Renewal Process

This page will provide you with EVEYRTHING you need to receive a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the FAA for your FlyThisSim (FTS) flight simulator with a new Qualifications and Approval Guide (QAG).

Don’t waste time! The current LOA expires at the end of April 2021 (6 months from me posting this). This process will take time and you don’t want to procrastinate! Procrastinating will result in your simulator turning into a very large and expensive paperweight! 

I have put a lot of time into getting this LOA for my simulator, because I don’t want to see it turn into a $15,000 paperweight on May 1, 2021. If you feel the urge to “send a little love” my way for providing all the below information and documents it would be greatly appreciated! Send me an email to 

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Note: I used the old QAG from FlyThisSim. FTS did not provide this document to me, though legally they should have. I actually received the document from the FAA. I sent them an email at the below address and they responded with the document a few weeks later. If you don’t have the original QAG from FTS for YOUR simulator I would suggest emailing the FAA for it. The document will provide you with all the information you need to complete the new QAG. Explain to them in your email that the company has closed and you are seeking the document to maintain your simulators LOA. 

As the FAA told me, this LOA is only valid for YOUR simulator and it is not a blanket approval like the initial one that FlyThisSim received. If you own/operate more than one type of FTS simulator I would suggest reaching out to the FAA’s General Aviation and Commercial Division, AFS-800 because I cannot answer any questions about operating more than one simulator. This can be done by emailing them at or calling them at 202-267-1100. I would assume email is the preferred method to reach them.

Note: I personally have a FlyThisSim TouchTrainer VM100 model with only the “Cessna package”. I can simulate 28 different “dashboard layouts” with my simulator. If you don’t have what I have, then you’ll need to put some extra time into getting your LOA with a revised QAG.

If you email the FAA, at the above address, about the process to renew your LOA they will provide you with the following documents: (You don’t technically need these because I am going to provide you with exactly what you need, the below is for your reference)

Again, if you do not have the exact simulator as mine, then you are going to have to make changes to the below document. These changes might include:

      1. Adding more “Dashboard layout” pictures to your QAG
      2. Adding an Airplane Multi Engine Land section, with applicable “Dashboard layouts”
      3. Verify that the Hardware and Software Components List matches mine or make changes accordingly.
      4. Calculate new/additional Aircraft Performance Tables
      5. Take additional photos of Dashboards or controls

For your reference:

The following document is what you are looking for and will easily save you 40+ hours of work!

Changes will need to be made to this PRIOR to you submitting it to the FAA for approval. Changes are highlighted in yellow. THIS IS MY ORGINAL QAG THAT I SUBMITTED TO THE FAA AND….IT HAS BEEN APPROVED! This should be as simple as “copy and paste” for you but you’ll have to make changes to the document.  No cause of concern regarding plagiarism because I am providing my work to you at no charge. 

Page 1 changes include:

    • The front-page picture to a picture of your simulator
    • Change my information to your information (i.e. Name, Company, address, website, email address, phone number)
    • Change the date to the date you are working on the document

Page 2 changes include:

    • Change the footer of the page to reflect your company name and the applicable model of FTS simulator.

Page 3 changes include:

    • Change the date and put your initials, remove mine

Page 4 changes include:

    • Changing all the dates to the date on the front of the document (this must match, or the FAA will kick it back to you with revisions needing to be made)

Page 5 changes include:

    • Change the company name to your “company name”, if no company then put your name

Page 6 changes include:

    • Verify the model of simulator on all previous pages
    • Change the company name

Remaining pages:

    • Verify information and ensure all the pages reflect the correct model of FTS simulator and your company or personal name in place of a company name. 

Once you have made the changes and you feel that the document is ready, send it to the FAA at the email address listed above. I would suggest including some details, since this will likely be the first time they hear from you. Let them know that the company has closed and that you’re looking to renew the LOA and you have a new QAG attached to the email you are sending them. 

I did inform the FAA (in my initial email) and the ASI that I was working with, that I was going to provide this “checklist” to the other owners of FTS simulators (they probably thought I was kidding). This is why I know the LOA is only valid for YOUR simulator and it’s not blanket approval. The told me that each person/company would have to complete the same process I was going to have to complete. 

I think after I initially sent the email to the FAA with the QAG it took them a few weeks to get back to me. Then they responded with changes I needed to make to the document. I then went back and forth with an Aviation Inspector over 2 days to get the document they way they wanted it. I submitted the final QAG on 8/17/2020 and they responded with the signed LOA on 10/23/2020. It takes time so be patient! 

The entire process from intial email to the FAA – QAG approval and LOA issue = 5 months (for me). I hope it takes you less time!

Any questions can be sent to me at or posted on the Facebook I created for the owners of FTS simulators at,