Considering learning to fly?

Our introductory flight experience is the perfect, risk-free opportunity to see if learning to fly is for you!

Our introductory flight puts you in command of a small General Aviation (GA) aircraft:

•  45 minutes in the air
•  45 minutes on-the-ground training
•  Pre-flight briefing
•  Post-flight briefing
•  A FREE Pilot Logbook with the flight time logged!

This is the ideal experience for those:
• considering flight training
• looking for a unique experience or gift for a loved one!

Scheduling an Intro Flight: To schedule an Intro Flight please email us at with dates and times that work best for you!

Please Note: FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) regulations do not require you to show proof of U.S. Citizenship for an Introductory Flight (Intro Flight). However, additional training beyond the Intro Flight will require proof of U.S. citizenship or completion of the TSA process for International Students.


Purchase a Gift Certificate for a specific dollar amount, to be placed on a student’s account for flight training and/or aircraft rental. 

We have you covered!
Contact us today to set an appointment for an Introductory flight with one of our experienced CFIs!

Download a free copy of the Gleim “Learn to Fly – Become a Pilot” 48 page e-booklet at the link to the left! This book will answer a lot of your questions about learning to fly!

We are now giving a copy of this booklet to anyone that is interested in learning to fly after conducting an Intro Flight with us!

A free login is required for download.

We will set you on the path to earning your Pilot Certificate in the shortest amount of time. Ask around!