Rotor Transition Program (RTP)

Fast-paced Flight Training with a focus on safety and knowledge!

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What to Expect:

Training will not start without all prerequisites and TSA requirements being met.

1st day – Paperwork and Familiarization
(TSA, IACRA, other)

12 Months

We are focused on providing exceptional training throughout the program but we cannot control the New England weather! 

We plan for 12 months to complete the program but it is possible to complete the training in a quicker timeframe, depending on weather conditions for the region. We will not compromise the safety of students or the safety of our CFIs to attempt to “accelerate” the program more than we can with given weather conditions, or other delays

Training Timeframe & Course Outline

Private Pilot3 Months
Instrument Rating2 Months
Time Building3 Months
Commercial Pilot- Single Engine2 Weeks
Commercial Pilot – Multi-Engine1 Week
Multi-Engine Instructor2 Weeks
Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI)2 Weeks
 Certificated Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFI-I)2 Weeks

Please note: We do not have a DPE on staff. We request dates from local DPE’s to complete Practical Exams in a timely manner for students. All DPE fees are paid directly to the DPE and are not included in the cost of the Program.