Learning to fly can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be!

FAA approval until October 31, 2025!

How can a Flight Simulator help with the cost of training?

Utilizing a flight simulator can allow a pilot (student or certificated) to master certain skills that they would otherwise have to master in an actual aircraft (with high fuel consumption costs).  Training on a flight simulator is a lot less expensive to master the required skills for training and for staying safe! 

At Learn 2 Fly CT we offer training in our FAA authorized Basic Advanced Training Device (BATD) TouchTrainer made by Fly This Sim (FTS). Our FTS BATD simulator is all touchscreen which allows us to load multiple different dashboard layouts onto the simulator.

If you are a little rusty or looking to transition to an all-glass cockpit (G1000) we can assist you with this training. We can load anything from standard flight instruments (steam gauges) to the G1000 layout on our BATD simulator.

With the new regulations you can now fly our simulator without an instructor (CFI) and log the flight time towards instrument currency!

Avionics options include: “steam gauges”, Aspen units, various Garmin 430/530 layouts, Garmin G500, Garmin G1000, Avidyne, and Perspective.

In total, we can simulate 119 different dashboard layouts!

We can simulate the following different types of aircraft on our BATD simulator:

  • Baron
  • Bonanza
  • Cessna
  • Commander
  • Corvalis
  • Diamond (Including twin engine)
  • Mooney
  • Piper (Including twin engine)
  • Cirrus

Schedule some time now to get yourself back to instrument proficiency with our knowledgeable instructors.

We can perform a vast array of different scenarios on our FTS simulator for Private Pilot training and Instrument Rating training ranging from:

  • Flying by reference to the instruments*
  • Abnormal procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Radio navigation procedures
  • GPS navigation procedures
  • Instrument approach (IAP) procedures
  • Communication procedures
  • Cross-country procedures, and of course
  • Keeping proficient in everything listed above.
*Flying by reference to the instruments cannot be used for the 3 hour minimum for a Private Pilot certificate. These required hours must be in an aircraft.

REALLY Save Money!
Garmin GNS430 Simulator (Not FAA Approved)

Saving money has never been so easy in the 21st century! 

Before, you could only learn how to use a Garmin GNS430 or a Garmin GNS530 when you were flying the plane (or with a GPU hooked up to the aircraft on the ground). This resulted in a TON of extra money spent to get familiar with these units in the aircraft. Costing hundreds, if not a few extra thousands of dollars ($) in extra flight hours in the aircraft to become proficient at the avionics unit. NOT ANY LONGER! We have our students best wishes in mind! 

Now you can learn how to use a GNS430/530 like a PRO…on the ground without the aircraft engine operating! Priced at only $10 per hour, you cannot go wrong with our setup! Would you rather spend a few thousand dollars to learn this necessary skill, or significantly less? This WILL result in you learning these avionics units quickly and safely. Resulting in a huge reduction of pilot stress/fatigue in the real aircraft!  

Stay tuned! GNS530/GNS430 setup coming soon! 

Why come to Learn 2 Fly CT to continually develop your flying skills?

  • Schedule some time now to get yourself back to instrument proficiency with our knowledgeable instructors. Why come to Learn 2 Fly CT to continually develop your flying skills?

  • Priced Right – Our BATD simulator is priced just right! Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a personal BATD simulator, our simulator is priced for pilots and student pilots. We believe that an hourly simulator price should not break the bank! That is why our BATD simulator is only $35 per hour!
  • Ease of use – Simply turn the BATD simulator on and fly! Our FTS simulator is very user-friendly. If you want to fly with a different instrument layout simply choose what you want!

  • Customer focused family-owned small business

  • Separate simulator room for quiet training – Simply close the door and focus on your flight!

  • Live Air Traffic Control (ATC) – We can activate a plugin for our simulator that will allow you to speak to REAL people acting as ATC during your flight. We do this through PilotEdge.

  • Dedicated to saving you time and money to become a safe a competent pilot!

14 CFR 61.51(b)(3)
TouchTrainer usage may be Logged.

14 CFR 61.57(c)(3)
Use of an aviation training device for maintaining instrument experience. Within the 2 calendar months preceding the month of the flight, that person performed and logged at least the following tasks, iterations, and time in an aviation training device and has performed the following:

(i) Three hours of instrument experience.
(ii) Holding procedures and tasks.
(iii) Six instrument approaches.
(iv) Two unusual attitude recoveries while in a descending, Vne airspeed condition and two unusual attitude recoveries while in an ascending, stall speed condition.
(v) Interception and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems.

14 CFR 61.65(i)(2)
Instrument Rating: Up to 10 hours instruction can be logged towards your instrument rating

14 CFR 61.109(k)(1)
Private Pilot Certificate: Up to 2.5 hours in the introduction to the operation of flight instruments can be logged towards your private pilot rating