We are committed to bringing the Flight Training Industry into the 21st century with our Green Aviation Initiative and we are seeking the public's support!


We are seeking the public’s support to bring our Green Aviation Initiative to the people of Connecticut. The Green Aviation Initiative will be a first of its kind in the United States! This bold Initiative will:

  • Significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions by utilizing aircraft for Flight Training that consume 55% less fuel per hour, compared to the current training method and training aircraft.

  • Implement Electric Aircraft for flight training, which have ZERO EMISSIONS and a reduced operating noise level for the cities/towns surrounding the airports we operate at.

  • Transition from using 100LL fuel (Avgas), which contains Lead (Pb) in the fuel to using automotive fuel (MOGAS). This transition will reduce the amount of pollutants being emitted into our atmosphere by flight training/aircraft rental operations and spark the change we need in our industry to reduce pollutants.  

  • Inspire students at a younger age to set professional goals for a very rewarding and exciting future.

  • Offer aircraft rental at a significantly reduced hourly rate.

  • Implement a new approach to training pilots, whether they are seeking a path to a professional pilot career, or they are just interested in learning to fly.

  • Encourage and motivate students to see the lifelong benefits to education. Bringing the book material to life in the aircraft!

  • Introduce participating students to the world of aviation and the possible career paths within the Aviation Industry.  

  • Implement a free STEM aviation curriculum, already created and aligned with both national and Connecticut state science standards to all high schools across Connecticut.  

If we received a grant we could offer:

  • Aircraft Rental rates not seen in the United States since likely the 1980’s, estimated to be roughly $75 per hour “Wet”, meaning the cost of fuel and oil is included in the hourly rate for the aircraft.
    • Electric Aircraft will consume an estimated $3.00 of electricity PER HOUR!
          • Compared to $30 – 50+ per hour of 100LL fuel (which contains lead, LL=Low Lead) with current aircraft used for training/rental. 
    • Build flight hours as Pilot-in-command (PIC) quickly with the lower cost of the aircraft, and reach your ATP Pilot minimums faster (1,500 total flight hours).
  • Aviation Scholarships to train students as young as 15 years old!
    • The price of the aircraft we are looking to start this Initiative with is roughly $300,000. The remaining funds from any grant money would be used for scholarships for students!

We are confident that a Green Aviation Initiative will change the lives of participating students, and that they will spread their new appreciation for education throughout their communities.

NASA is planning on sending U.S. astronauts back to the Moon, and landing on the lunar South Pole in 2024, only 4 years from now! This initiative could literally send participating students to the Moon…or further with future “manned” missions to the Moon and Mars!

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Please show your support for our Green Aviation Initiative by adding your information below! With YOUR support, we can make the dreams and goals of the children and young adults of Connecticut come to life, while also reducing carbon emissions, and operate aircraft that are less noisy to the surrounding communities!

Your son or daughter could be in this pilot seat at no cost to you or your family with our Green Aviation Initiative. Let’s set our children and young adults up for a lifetime of success and on a path for a brighter and less polluted future. Aviation is a pathway to life long learning and education. 

Our Green Aviation Initiative is in partnership with the Hartford Jet Center, at the Hartford-Brainard Airport (KHFD), and Windham Air Services, at the Windham Airport (KIJD).