Private Pilot Ground School!

Online Ground School for only $50!

Course Details & Registration Process
This course will prepare you for your Private Pilot, Sport Pilot, or Drone (sUAS) Pilot Certificate

PLEASE NOTE: This class will be administered online via Zoom. You can create a free Zoom account by clicking here.

If you have ever dreamed about learning to fly this is a great opportunity to begin the process!

You can take our Private Pilot Ground School and receive all the knowledge and skills required to successfully pass the Private Pilot written test! This is the biggest challenge to earning a Pilot Certificate.

The Private Pilot written test consists of 60 multiple choice questions and a passing score of 70% or greater is needed to successfully complete the test. You have 2½ hours to complete the 60 questions. Once you have completed the test with a score greater than 70% you have 24-calendar months to complete the next phase of earning a Pilot certificate, the practical test (commonly called the Checkride).

Throughout the Course you will see REAL FAA test questions! We will prepare you for the written test just as we do for all our students!

There will be ungraded quizzes at the beginning of each class (not including the first class) to get familiar with the FAA test questions relevant to the material we covered during the prior class. These quizzes are for your own benefit and do not change your ability to take the class.

At the conclusion of the course, we will administer a Final Exam consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions exactly like the real FAA written test, and you’ll have 2½ hours to complete the test. Successfully completing the test with a grade of 85% or great (subject to CFIs discretion) will result in you walking out of the course with a written endorsement. This endorsement will authorize you to take the Private Pilot Written Knowledge Exam.

Once you have the endorsement, we highly suggest taking the actual exam within a few days! Don’t let the knowledge slip from your mind/memory!

Also, you DO NOT need to have the FAA written exam completed to begin flight training or to reach the Solo stage of flight training!

Check out our FAQs page for more questions answered! FAQ’s Page

FYI: This course would provide all the knowledge needed for the Drone Aeronautical written exam! 

Course Schedule

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