Airplane Single Engine Seaplane (ASES) Course* price is $2,500 and includes:

• 5 hours of aircraft rental

• 4 hours of flight instruction

• 5 hours of ground instruction

• The checkride (practical test)

*Additional instruction and/or aircraft rental will be billed at the aircraft dual wet rate.

Training is conducted in a Cessna 172 on straight floats, located at the Goodspeed Airport (42B), right on the Connecticut River!

Scheduling Note:

Training is ONLY conducted during the week (Monday-Friday) due to boat traffic on the Connecticut River during the weekends. Conducting training on the weekends would be a waste of everyone’s time because of the amount of boat traffic in the training area(s). 

Seaplane Training Details

Comprehensive Training at a Fixed Cost

Tailwheel Training at Goodspeed!

We also have our J3 Cub located on the field! 

Let us know if you’d like to schedule some time in our Cub or receive your Tailwheel Endorsement while you are with us for your Seaplane Rating!