Tailwheel Training

Are you interested in flying an aircraft equipped with conventional style landing gear, commonly called a “tailwheel” or “tail dragger”? We have you covered right here in Connecticut! No need to travel very far! We are located right in central Connecticut at the Hartford-Brainard Airport (KHFD)! 

We offer discounted rates for all of our aircraft and CFI rates. Contact us for details or fill out the form below! 

Come fly our 1946 Piper J-3 Cub! 

True Americana!  

Unlike earning a Pilot Certificate, earning an Endorsement for flying a taildragger is a lot less expensive, and can normally be completed in a few days! 

There is no FAA minimum number of hours to earn your Tailwheel Endorsement! The average student can earn their Endorsement in 8 -10 hours of flight time! As we all know, everyone learns at a different pace. So, you might fall before the lower end, within the range, or it might take you a little longer to complete the training. It is all about coming to the airport prepared! 

We will focus on the takeoff and landing characteristics of the aircraft because that is where the difference lies compared to a tricycle geared aircraft like a Cessna 172 or Piper Warrior. 

To be prepared to complete your Tailwheel Endorsement we highly suggest purchasing and watching Tailwheel: 101. This video will teach you A LOT about flying a taildragger and get you prepared for the ground session for the training. 

The cost for the video is $44.95 (we do not receive any proceeds from this endorsement of the video) and is well worth the price because it will save you a lot of time and money in the real plane! 

  • To purchase the video, simply scroll down to the video on the website and click on the “Buy $44.95” in the top righthand corner. 
  • Or you can purchase the DVD from mypilotstore.com for $39.95

At the completion of your training, you will receive the following written endorsement in your logbook: 

To act as pilot in command in a tailwheel airplane: § 61.31(i). 
I certify that [First name, MI, Last name], [grade of pilot certificate], [certificate number],
has received the required training of § 61.31(i) in a [make and model] of tailwheel
airplane. I have determined that [he or she] is proficient in the operation of a tailwheel

 Are you ready to complete your Tailwheel Endorsement?

Fill out the below form and we can get you on the schedule ASAP, or send us an email to info@learn2flyct.com