Learn 2 Fly CT Offers Local Youth
a Flying/Aerospace Adventure at AeroCamp!

AeroCamp is a program designed to give young people a unique opportunity to explore the world of aviation and aerospace. As a proud member of the Flight School Association of North America our flight school is proud to host AeroCamp for children and young adults in Connecticut.

Campers have the opportunity to learn first hand about the dynamics of airplanes and flight along with the broad spectrum of careers in the aerospace industry. Campers get to fly an airplane if they so choose. There is a strong education component that all campers receive. There are field trips to explore various elements that together form the aerospace industry.

There are two camp options: AeroCamp Bravo and AeroCamp Alpha. Bravo is for grades 6-8. This is the entry-level camp and each camper will receive BATD simulator time and a flight in an aircraft. AeroCamp Alpha is for grades 9-12 and each camper will receive multiple BATD simulator lessons and flight lessons. Many types of activities will be available to the children during their time at AeroCamp. Activities, tours, flights and field trips will vary for each camp depending on weather and availability of tours.

Our AeroCamp satisfies the requirements for the Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge and the Girl Scouts Aerospace Badge . For those Scouts who have a desire to pursue this special merit badge, our camp is for you.

Included with the registration fee, students will receive a logbook, First Flight Certificate, AeroCamp Tee Shirt, a Six-month subscription to AOPA’s Flight Training Magazine, an AeroCamp Graduation Certificate and a 20% off gift certificate on a future Introductory Flight Lesson. Snacks, juice and water will be provided daily. Campers are asked to bring their own lunch throughout the week.