What better way to determine if you want to pursue a pilot's certificate then going flying!

          An Introductory flight is a perfect way for someone to experience the freedom of General Aviation while not having to pay a large price to do so. There is no commitment to any future lessons or obligations after this flight and you do not need to show proof of U.S. citizenship or anything (a TSA freebie)!

Introductory flight includes: $ 125.00
                                                     •  Roughly 45 minutes in the aircraft
                                                                         •  With you at the controls!
                                                     •  Roughly 45 minutes on the ground including:
                                                                         •  Pre-flight briefing
                                                                         •  Post-flight briefing

Whether you are:
                             • Considering a career in aviation
                             • Looking for a unique and exhilarating gift for a loved one or
                             • Want to see your neighborhood from the air

We have you covered!


Contact us today to set an appointment for an Introductory flight with one of our experienced CFI's!