Private Pilot Certificate

Description of ItemFAA 40-Hour Minimum Program65-Hour "Real World" Program
Price of Aircraft Rental$ 4,200$ 6,825
Flight Instruction with a CFI
20 Hours / 30 Hours
Ground Instruction (Pre & Post Flight)
15 Hours / 30 Hours
Books / Supplies*200200
Ground School **180180
FAA Medical Certificate125125
FAA Knowledge Test125125
FAA Practical Test450450
Total Estimated Price$ 7,555 $ 11,680
This is the expected cost of a Private Pilot's Certificate. The 40-Hour column is what is minimum required by the FAA to earn the certificate, and what is always quoted at flight schools across the country. The 65-Hour column is based on the national average number of flight hours a student accumulates across the United States prior to earning their Private Pilot Certificate.

We want you to make an informed decision and know the cost of training prior to beginning. As far as we know we are the only school sharing this information, showing the low price VS the higher cost of training. Everyone's training will be different and could result in a higher or a lower cost overall.

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*Books / Supplies options vary and can increase or decrease the price shown. 

**Ground School price is for the online option. Traditional program is available. Check out our Ground School page!

Aircraft rates are wet.