Required Documents

          To begin flight training it is very simple. Just give us a call and we can schedule a flight with you! To go beyond a first flight, commonly called a "discovery or introductory flight",  and begin the process of earning a pilots certificate we need to collect some information from you. The TSA endorsement will be a requirement no matter where you are looking to begin flight training. The other items listed are also common among flight schools/aircraft rentals throughout the country. 

No proof of U.S. citizenship is required for an discovery flight 


•  Proof of U.S. citizenship
                    •  Valid U.S. Passport
                    •  U.S. Birth Certificate 
•  Copy of your Drivers License
•  Signed Renter's Agreement
•  Payment Authorization Form

Before Solo Flight

•  FAA Medical Certificate 3rd Class 
                    •  Valid for 60 Calendar Months if applicant is under 40 years old upon being issued 
                    •  Valid for 24 Calendar Months if applicant is over 40 years old upon being issued 

•  Student Pilot Certificate 
                    •  Done with a CFI via IACRA in person 

Aircraft Rental

•  Copy of your Medical Certificate or BasicMed
•  Renter's Insurance 
•  Current Biennial Flight Review (BFR) Endorsement 
•  Aircraft Checkout Form
•  Copy of your Drivers License 
•  Signed Renter's Agreement
•  Payment Authorization Form
•  Copy of your Pilot Certificate